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Here’s some useful information about living in Turkey, property prices, shopping, health services and more.

Investment Property Abroad


Considering there are so many desirable Mediterranean resorts in Turkey, property is comparatively cheaper then other European Mediterranean locations. The right property in Turkey, built by an established and reputable developer will give you the peace of mind and comfort of living in a spacious, high quality and great value home with all the modern luxuries at a fraction of what you would pay in Europe!


All the modern services and facilities that are a part of life in Europe are just as easily accessible in Turkey from banking, Internet services, shopping, transportation and more. The cost of living in Turkey is so incredibly attractive - food, electric and water are cheaper in Turkey than most other European countries and you can stretch your budgets quite far in a low cost, high quality country like Turkey than you ever could in Spain for example.


Local produce is sold in weekly local markets, and you can save so much money and enjoy homegrown fresh goods. Supermarkets stock a host of international and quality Turkish brands. Even expensive items such as cigarettes and alcohol are cheaper in Turkey especially if you buy local wines, beers and spirits for example. When it comes to household goods, pretty much everything you can think of from curtains to your wardrobes can also be handmade by local craftsmen, carpenters and tailors. Ready to buy goods are just as cheap and what’s more delivery, assembly and installation are often free of charge too.


Having a home in Turkey in one of the Mediterranean resorts allows you to be part of a community with the convenience of being within easy distance of all essential amenities and facilities. Westerners are welcomed into the community and there’s no need to ever feel isolated in Turkey - even if you pick up no more than the basics of ‘please and thank you’ the local people will go out of their way to help you. All that is expected is that anyone residing in Turkey fits in and respects the community around them. Beyond that foreign residents are now also becoming part of the business community at large.



Health care is well catered for in Turkey and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the standard of medical and dental care that is available throughout the whole of the country with more and more foreigners visiting every year to take advantage of the latest health care services at considerably less costly prices than in their home nation.


Now that Turkey is becoming so well known as an exciting and interesting place for a holiday, as a good place to invest in property and also as an emerging nation approaching EU membership in the medium term, the accessibility of the nation from across Europe and beyond is improving. You can get cheap flights to airports across Turkey meaning that it is an easy country for friends and family to visit you in and what’s more, taxis, buses and internal flights are all also highly affordable.


Turkey has so much to offer with its culture, history and stunning landscape. This fascinating country is vast and varied and worth exploring inch by inch. Traveling around Turkey once you have a home here is even easier to do! There are trains, planes and coaches traveling all around and you can visit a host of places which all showcase a different side of this incredible country.

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