Want to know more about Alanya and its history, the climate, cuisine and more, then read on.

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Alanya lies between the lush green landscape of the Taurus mountains and the Mediterranean sea. This beautiful Mediterranean city is a well-known tourist destination rich in a long history dating back to the 1200’s. The oldest and most famous view of Alanya from any vantage point is the ancient castle situated on the top of a peninsula with marvellous panoramic views. The old city quarter is surrounded by old fortress walls which wind down the hillside leading to idyllic narrow alleys and old wooden houses. At the foot of the old city walls is an eye-catching fort called the Red Tower and a variety of historical caves, picturesque old docks and a vibrant harbour with fishing boats and tour boats. 


Alanya is located in the province of Antalya and almost all the nearby towns and small villages boast significant historical, national and world heritage sites, which were once the centre of ancient civilization. Places such as Pamukkale, Aspendos, Olympos and Side are a splendour to visit with their ancient cities, castles, amphitheatres, and many other archaeological sites.


Beyond its historical significance, Alanya is a vibrant resort with many bars, restaurants and shops. Stunning beaches stretch up to 26 km’s along the Alanya coastline, with a host of recreational water sports, a yachting marina and promenades. The Taurus mountain range offers an alternative cooling retreat with a host of sporting activities and outings including treks, safaris, village hideouts and river rafting.


Alanya is also well positioned town where the landscape gradually descends from the pine-covered Taurus mountains to the crystal clear Mediterranean sea with its sandy beaches and year round weather. This unique geographical setting contributes to a perfect year round climate with 300 days of sunshine and constant Mediterranean breezes which are nestled by the mountain range and its surrounding lush greenery.



You can also enjoy the wonders of the famous Turkish cuisine in this wonderful location. The surrounding landscape is characterised by Orange groves, Olive trees and fertile land on which fresh and local farm grown products of superb quality are produced. Eating is always a pleasure in Alanya whether you choose to cook for yourself using fresh local ingredients or eat out in one of the extremely affordable restaurants. Fresh fish is always available with a seasonal variety caught on the day by the local fisherman.

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