Gazipasa is an up and coming resort, which is garnering more attention since the announcement that a new airport is opening in the region. You can reach it by taking a picturesque 30 minute drive along the coast from Alanya

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Gazipasa is nestled against the beautiful tourist resort of Alanya. Only a 30 minute drive from your favorite resort or beach, Gazipasa is a much more convenient option compared to the 1 hour 40 minute drive from Antalya. Alanya-Gazipasa airport is part of an array of 11 airports built and operated by TAV and an attractive and convenient destination for tour operators and airlines. Alanya Gazipasa is in a favourable and thus profitable geographical position – Alanya, Side and Belek are located to the west of Gazipasa with Anamur and Mersin located to the east.

There has been so much enthusiasm about the prospect of an airport to cater to the region of Alanya. But if you’re wondering why there’s been such a frenzy since the opening of the new airport was announced, then let us tell you briefly; TAV started to renovate, refurbish and rebuild this airport which was dormant for over 20 years. It was built back in the late 80’s and the government decided to leave it on standby due to several economic bottlenecks. Recently the airport was posted for a tender where the bidders were required to offer a certain fee. TAV Airport Holding submitted a bid and ultimately won the tender. Alanya-Gazipasa was to become part of TAV’s array of 11 airports which they have built and are operating. TAV would first just see to the best of safety, security, efficiency and service quality as in all of TAV airports. But with careful planning and analysis, TAV decided to build a ‘boutique airport concept’ in Gazipasa. The fair weather conditions and beautiful environment inspired an ultra modern but yet relatively small airport which would perfectly blend in with its surroundings. And it was finished in an astonishingly short time; within one year.

Facts and Figures

• Terminal Area: 2000 square meters
• Runway dimensions; (08/26) 1,825 x 30 meters
• Apron capacity: 3 x medium size jets (eg. A319, A320, B737 etc)
• Fire and SAR Category is A7, which is actually that of several bigger airports and far exceeds what an aiport of such size actually needs.
• Handling services are carried out by HAVAS Airport Ground Handling Services; a TAV Airport Holding subsidiary which as 18 stations in Turkish airports and 3 stations in airports abroad.
• Security services are provided by TAV Security, another TAV Airports Holding subsidiary which has been acclaimed by several international organizations including TSA; the Transport Security Agency of the USA, which has the toughest and most stringent standards in the world.
• BTA Catering will provide catering services with food and beverages to be sold at a café located within the departure terminal.
• ATU have 2 duty free points
• Port Clinic will provide medical assistance

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