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Banking in Turkey with TEB,Denizbank,Garanti Bank,Kuveyt Turk  

First and foremost, Denizbank is a reliable international partner. Ranking among Europe’s top 5 financial institutions, we would like to offer you our expertise via all our high-performing channels to meet your financial needs with great convenience and speed. We have a network of 250 branches in Turkey. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, thanks to our range of services. We offer our clients not only numorous benefits but also a professional attitude and personalized advice of high quality.

Day-to day banking transactions
The ability to receive payments quickly and to pay all kinds of goods and services requires an efficient current account offering range of services. Your account and linked cards (ATM Card with MAESTRO/Cirrus facility, Credit Card) allow you to make all your payments with utmost security and whenever you choose.

Managing your foreign currency account is done with a foreign currency account in a currency you choose, free of charge. This can simplify payments with your account in your home country.

Receiving Funds
If you regularly receive fixed income such as your pension from your home country, salary, child benefit, holiday allowance, we offer various schemes so that this income can be easily received. This means not having to worry anymore and you can quickly draw on the available funds.

Crediting pension, salary, benefits and other income to your account
It is best to have your salary paid directly into your current account. It is also not a problem to arrange for pension payments, child benefit, social security benefits etc. To be paid into your account. This means your money is available immediately: promptly an discretely. You will have to authorize the paying body to make payment into your account.

Payments made easy using a Standing order
Rental for a house or an apartment, membership dues or subscriptions are usually fixed amounts that you have to pay at a certain frequency on a set date: e.g. rental of EUR
500.- payable on the 5th of the each month.

A standing order ensures that these regular payments are made automatically.
Globalisation is a growing phenomenon in today’s society. The banking sector is no exception, and Fortis Bank keeps a close eye on all the latest developments. That’s why our constant goal is to develop services that cross borders. As a nonresident – i.e., an individual who is not domiciled in Turkey - you will be happy to learn that we can offer you numerous facilities for managing your accounts in Turkey, both when you’re at home and when you’re staying in Turkey.

Making transfers between your accounts in Turkey
If you hold a current account and a savings account with us, you can easily transfer money between them by making a simple call to Phone Banking or by accessing your accounts directly via Online Banking.
Carrying out your transactions whilst staying in Turkey

Making contact with your branch
Should you be passing through Turkey, take the opportunity to meet your adviser. He or she will talk about new market opportunities with you and take care of all your transactions for you. You can also pick up your mail and your bank statements. To avoid having to wait and to benefit from a discreet reception, we suggest that you make an appointment beforehand wherever possible.

Paying for your small purchases in Turkey
Once all your official business is taken care of, you may wish to use your remaining time to do some shopping. Using your bank card, you will be able to pay for your purchases in almost any shop.

Paying your banking charges automatically and without any problems
Bank charges are debited automatically from your account at certain times of year. To avoid the need to keep a certain amount ofmoney permanently in your current account, we can offer you an overdraft facility for a limit which suits your situation together with your bank card. That way, you will be spared unpleasant surprises and can pay in the necessary amount after charges have been deducted.

Obtaining information
Via Phone banking, you can enter into direct contact with one of our specialists, who will be happy to answer your questions. Alternatively, you can send us an e-mail via Online Banking.
Daily Banking

Internet banking
What if you have transactions to perform, but no time to go to the bank? In fact, you can do your banking without going anywhere, and you have a choice of ways to do this.Denizbank has come up with various packages for performing your banking transactions at any time of day or night and from anywhere in the world. We want you to be able to work with your bank any time, anywhere in the world. That is why we offer the following services: Phone banking and Internet Banking. You will certainly appreciate the ease and convenience they bring.

Phone banking
With Phone banking you can perform the most common banking transactions yourself and check your accounts over the phone. To access the system, all you have to do is dial the Phone banking number. Phone banking will guide you step by step through the various Phone banking offers the ultimate in ease. You can take care of your banking business 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world. What is more, your chosen PIN ensures security.

Phone banking is a completely free service. All you pay for is the phone call. Transactions that you ask our staff to perform may incur a fee, however.

Phone banking features

1. Check:
    • the status of your current and savings accounts;
    • transactions on your current and savings accounts (transactions just performed, today's transactions, and future transactions);
    • standing orders and direct debit arrangements, securities transactions.

2. Perform transactions such as:
    • transfers between your current and savings accounts, and transactions to other accounts (including postdated transfers);
    • transfers accompanied by a free-text message;
    • international payments;
    • standing orders and direct debit arrangements;
    • securities transactions.

3. Receive specialist information and advice on:
    • investment products and share prices;
    • loan schemes (including simulations);
    • insurance products.

Internet banking
Internet banking is the most comprehensive Denizbank solution for performing your banking transactions conveniently from your own computer.
With this fast, secure, and discreet service you can handle your banking needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also access the service from any computer.

The software we use is constantly being improved, and now offers increased security, greater userfriendliness, and even more options. All of which means a level of convenience it makes no sense to ignore.

Denizbank assigns top priority to security features, because we want to save you any worries. For this reason, only subscribers can access our secure transaction site. Data exchanges are encrypted. What is more, your transactions are protected by an electronic signature generated by your Digipass and/or card reader.(ŞifreNet)

Internet banking features

1. Check:
    • the status of your current and savings accounts;
    • transactions on your current and savings accounts (transactions just performed, today's transactions, and future transactions);
    • standing orders;

2. Perform transactions such as:
    • transfers in TL and EUR between your current and savings accounts, and transfers to other accounts (including post-dated transfers);
    • adding, modifying, or cancelling standing orders.

3. Gain access to the Denizbank website, with specialised information on:
    • investment products
    • loan schemes
    • insurance products

4. Send e-mails to the bank

You can also send e-mails to the Denizbank Customer Service and the Internet banking Help Desk.

Saving and investing
Investing money means making choices. These choices are closely linked to what you want to achieve.

In the following paragraphs we outline your advantages as a non-resident, and give you an insight into investment opportunities offered by Denizbank . But you should also bear in mind that our experts will be only too pleased to put you properly in the picture before you make a decision.

Your advantages
As a non-resident you are exempt from the withholding tax on interest on savings and on dividend income.
Moreover, Turkey you pay no tax on capital gains from investments. Ask your account manager for detailed information.

Fixed-income investments
There are as many different ways of saving as there are investment goals.
That is why Denizbank offers a number of different schemes enabling you to combine security with optimum return.

The savings account
If you want to build up a reserve so that you can cope with contingencies, while benefiting from a fixed return, Denizbank savings account is what you need. It is also the traditional and highly practical way to save with a view to making a purchase and to temporarily "park"money in anticipation of a profitable longer term investment.

The deposit account
If you want to let your assets grow in a totally secure and attractive way, then you can opt for the flexibility of Denizbank fixed-term deposit. It enables you to put your money to work at a fixed interest rate for a predetermined period. The choice is yours. You determine the duration of your investment to the nearest day and the way in which the interest will be paid.

Investments with Denizbank
In order to identify the investment opportunities that meet your needs and expectations most closely, you first need to define your risk profile and investment timescale. In other words, you need to assess the risks that you are prepared to take with a view to maximum return and decidehow long you are willing to invest your money for. Our experts are there to assist you. They will help you to determine which products are best suited to your needs while at the same time offering attractive returns.


The Home Loan
Buying, building, or renovating a home requires a major capital outlay. To cover this, it is often necessary to take out a loan. You have decided to acquire a property in Turkey. Whether you plan to settle here, or to use the property as a second home, why not consider taking out your mortgage in Turkey?
Denizbank offers a vast range of credit facilities to help you buy a home. You can choose the duration and the repayment method that suit you best. Over the next few paragraphs, you will find a summary of the various plans we have to offer.

Our basic plan:

The fixed-rate loan
With this plan, the interest rate and the term of the loan are fixed. That means you know from the outset the exact amount you will be repaying every month, and for how long. You pay slightly more for the benefit of this certainty.

Home loans are normally granted for a relatively long period. As a rule, the bank requires the loan to be secured by a first-rank mortgage.

How much can you borrow?
Denizbank will finance up to 75 percent of the market value of the home. Naturally, we will make sure that you are not over-burdened by excessive monthly payments. The rule of thumb is that the monthly payment must not exceed half of your net monthly income.
Practical information

To start with, ask your branch to produce a loan simulation for you, and put any questions you have to our experts. Once you have made your decision, you can submit your loan application. Our home loan officer will make you an offer following an in-depth interview with you and after perusing the necessary documents. You have three months from your application date to sign the loan document.

Protecting yourself against the unexpected

As soon as you have taken out your Home Loan, you should obtain insurance cover in order to give your family and your property the maximum level of protection. Denizbank adviser will be happy to help you find the right insurance for you. The policies offered by Denizbank Insurance are designed to offer an ideal fit with Denizbank home loans.

The loan protection policy

This policy protects your family from the financial impact of the insured party's death during the term of the loan. In the event of the policyholder’s death, the balance of the loan still due will be repaid in part or in full.
Although the loan is often taken out on the basis of a double income (with both borrowers working), it is possible to overlook the financial impact of the death of one of the two borrowers. To address this issue we advise our customers to take out a loan protection policy offering "total protection". This plan offers a contract on each borrower for the full amount of the loan. In the event of the death of either one of the borrowers, the loan burden disappears.

Household insurance

You are legally required to insure your home against fire and additional hazards for an amount equal to the cost of repairing any damage. With Household Insurance from Denizbank Insurance, we offer a calculation method that means that you can be sure you are not under-insured. That way, you will be able to rebuild your home even if the cost turns out to be higher than the insured value.

It is always worthwhile to insure the building and the contents with the same company. This facilitates and speeds up the settlement process in the event of a claim. The same goes for theft insurance.

For more information, ask for our brochure at any branch.

Permanent contact

Your branch
Denizbank has a network of 250 branches in Turkey. And we are still expanding our network to serve you even better. You can always contact your branch for any questions you might have concerning your accounts and financial transactions. You can also make contact there with our experts in various areas, such as our investment specialists.

Self banking
Many of our branches are equipped with "Self"terminals, where you can access Internet&Telephone Banking at your leisure.

Our advice
As each individual situation differs, the simplest thing is still to contact your branch for advice.


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