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How to pay?    

In the case of a newly built house, the usual way is to pay in instalments. The seller often provides no security for this, which may lead to disappointment if the seller or contractor fails to perform.

A big misconception

Many people think that the term "Tapu" is the same as right of ownership. In fact, the title deed called "Tapu senedi" is not legally binding. It is merely evidence of who became the owner on the day the property was transferred. The "Tapu senedi" also contains the Public Registry Office information, the price and the location of the property. If you lose the original title deed, it does not mean that you have lost the right of ownership. You can find the owner of a property (such as a house) listed in the local Public Registry Office.

Permission from the military authorities

Non-Turkish citizens often need permission from the military authorities before they buy a property. This is a formality. The application takes at least 3

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